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The mission of Felicitas Mendez International School is to foster social, emotional and educational growth in both English and Spanish through collaborative partnerships, a rigorous academic environment and an inclusive community. Our vision is to empower bilingual, biliterate and multicultural life-long learners, leaving no students below grade level in their native language and no students below grade level in math. We are devoted to making every minute at school count toward reaching our academic goals. 


At Felicitas Mendez International School, we implement the Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Enrichment model, which reaches beyond simply teaching another language. Our staff and faculty help students learn another culture. Students learn to read first in their dominant language. Then, they spend equal amounts of time studying Language Arts in English and in Spanish. Math is taught in English, and Science and Social Studies are taught in Spanish. Students build fluency and comprehension through daily interactions in both languages with both English and Spanish dominant students. 

Teachers do not translate between them, which encourages students to rely on each other. Bilingual children who are educated in their second language have been seen to outperform monolingual children in their native language. Bilingualism also increases brain cognition by utilizing the highest levels of thinking, focus, and awareness. Click here to learn more.


Last year, K-5 students of the Felicitas Mendez International School participated in "Hour of Code" with Google. Through this event, they performed basic computer coding and learned about the incorporation of technology into their studies as well as the possibility of pursuing a career in this field. 


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Felicitas Mendez International School
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