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Welcome To Felicitas Mendez International School

Our vision is to empower bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural life-long learners, leaving no students below grade level in their native language and no students below grade level in math. We are devoted to making every minute at school count toward reaching our academic goals. 


Research shows that bilingual children who are educated in their second language outperform students who speak and learn only in their native language. Students at Felicitas Mendez go beyond learning another language to learn about other cultures. Students learn to read first in their dominant language, then they spend equal amounts of time building literacy in English and Spanish. Math is taught in English, while science and social studies are taught in Spanish. Students build fluency in both languages through their daily interactions with peers and teachers. Click here to learn more.

Magnet School

Felicitas Mendez International School is a magnet school in the Tulsa Public Schools district. We offer bilingual education, free of charge, starting in our pre-K program. Our school is open to any student in Tulsa Public Schools.

Felicitas Mendez International

Pre-k - 5th Grade

2703 N. Yorktown Pl. 
Tulsa, OK 74110
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Phone: 918-925-1400
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